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tv   WRA Ls 7AM News on Fox50  FOX  August 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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right now, breaking news out of central italy where the death toll that massive earthquake. the new information we learned overnight and the frantic search for survivors. >> another court date for a man accused in the murder of a woman and three children. >> and aimee will tell us when
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stick around. i'm lena tillett. >> sticky is right. i'm bill leslie. >> a nice little break from the big heat we had last week. today, temperatures creep back into the low 90s. this weekend, back into the mid- 90s so the heat is returning but it is august. the beautiful wilson skycam as the sun rises this morning. nice picture out this. we do have a few clouds in some locations but looking clear in wilson. inwe'll stay rain-free today but headed ove north carolina, a couple of showers will be possible this afternoon and this evening. 63 in south hill. 62 in rocky mount. 68 in fayetteville. close to 70 by 8: this morning with temperatures in the mid- 80s by lunchtime under partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. 92 for the high temperature later on this afternoon. the dew point staying in the 60s so it won't feel too bad. that humidity will be going up
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let's go over to brian with an eye on roads. no that much to watch. it is pretty weight. pretty much delay and incident free in durham right knew. one crash showing up in wake county. this is on capital boulevard just south of durant road. it was a report crash in the outbound side. in the past little while, we noticed things getting busier in both directions and i think that is likely due just to congestion, not directly related to that accident but something to keep in mind. 85 looks fine in durham. 40 is all clear in both directions. the durham freeway northbound looks good from i-40 up to
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times right now on 40 westbound. we are maintaining a pretty even 14-minute trip through garner on 40 west from 42 up to the beltline split. beyond that, no delays heading out towards rtp. also, heading out toward the airport on 40 westbound, be a heads up if you are going there this morning. rdu airport tweeting they are expecting a busy day and you need to arrive 90 minutes before your scheduled departure. in the news, the number of dead and missing is this hour after that deadly earthquake in italy. >> italy's civil protection agency says at least 247 people are confirmed dead. search crews continue to go through piles of rock and sand that were once buildings. the earthquake leveled three towns including one where travelers had come for a pasta festival. we'll take a live look down at that scene. crews have been using bulldozers and even their hands to go through debris.
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look at the rescue efforts and all of the damage. there have been frequent aftershocks including a 4.7 magnitude tremor this morning. now, the elon university women's basketball team was in italy when the quake hit. the coach called the ordeal terrifying. several hours before arriving at charlotte-douglas douglas international, the team was in rome for the final night of an exhibition trip. the earthquake shook their hotel in rome for about 30 seconds. >> it was very curious to find out what was going on and if there were calls to wake up everyone in our travel party. >> many in the triangle have ties to italy as well.
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he says his sister and other relatives felt the earthquake a hundred mile away in rome. he called to make sure they are okay and they are. several local groups are discussing ways to help the people in italy. a man now officially charged with the murder of three children will appear in a greenville courtroom today. >> two of the children are his own. renee chou >> dibon toone was already charged with murdering his wife. he was given no bond and appointed an attorney. investigators say he killed garlette howard, their two daughters, ages six and seven and their 11-year-old half sister with a hammer. investigators found the bodies in the family's greenville apartment after his family told police they were worried about his comments regarding the welfare of of the kids. that was not the first call of concern to police.
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employer called worried when she did not show you are for work the day before the bodies were discovered. police say there were no red flags no, prior reports of domestic violence from that home. >> thank you. a man from ft. bragg will be in court today face child rape charges. justin lewis was charged in an incident that took place two years ago. he was already in custody in cumberland county. indecent liberties with a child. 81-year-old billy stanley was last seen in the area of quail ridge drive. he was wearing a white golf shirt, gray shorts and may be drying a gold geo s. there is a silver alert issued for him.
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rockingham street in the town of robbins about 9:30 last night. according to the aberdeen times newspaper, both men had to be airlifted to a trauma center. their names have not yet been released. we are working the phones now to find out more about a crash that sent seven people including three children to the hospital in raleigh. this is breaking news last night. police say this involved a jeep and truck along south hall road. no word on the victims' conditions at the time. this is a look at the scene and no word on what led to the crash. morning. >> a man accused of hitting and killing another man with his suv will be in court today to face a murder charge. stony riley was originally charged with involuntary manslaughter after the hit and run but now the charge has been upgraded to first degree murder. the detectives did that after they received new information on august 1st. riley is being held without
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crime did he not commit. now, willie grimes will get more than $3 million from the city of hickory. grimes was convicted of raping and kidnapping carrie lee elliot in 1988. his fingerprints were later found not to match those in the case. yesterday, the hickory city council approved a settlement. questions still remain arrest on child abuse charges. the story first came to light after police say she didn't pick up her child at the bus stop. the judge told her not to have contact with her four kids. she left an 8, 3 and 1-year-old unsoup describessed for more than six hours at her home on calumet drive. there is still no word on where she was when police say the children were left alone. donald trump turns the
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he is accusing the democratic presidential candidate of doing as he courts the african- american vote. >> and we are learning more about the mental state of the shooter who killed five police
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donald trump is turning the tables on hillary clinton calling her a bigot. today, she is expected to give a detailed response. tracie potts has more on what
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>> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> reporter: donald trump is going after the tram and latino vote by claiming democrats have done little to improve the lives of minorities. clinton's response comes this afternoon in reno. she is expected to argue what she trump's shifting republicans towards disturbing extremist views. someone who is very much peddling bigotry and prejudice and paranoia. >> reporter: clinton insists her meeting as secretary of state with donors to her family's foundation broke no laws or ethical rules. >> there is a lot of smoke and there is no fire. >> reporter: she calls trump's shifts on immigration desperate. instead of mass deportations, trump says he is willing to
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here illegally but want to stay. >> my priorities will never change. jobs, wages and security for americans. >> reporter: his campaign says expect more details in the next two weeks. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are neck and neck in north carolina. according to new polls, clinton has a narrow lead among likely voters, 48 to the poll was conducted by telephone august 18th through the 23rd. north korea is celebrating a somewhat scary scenario. >> what pyongyang is now saying about their ability to attack the united states. >> plus, where protesters plan
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?may i have a word with you ?? >> what is that song? >> stevie wonder. i don't know the name of the song. >> she loves stevie wonder, don't you? >> yes. song. that was a fun surprise this morning. >> we should have a stevie wonder dance party. >> sounds like perfect weather for it too. >> yeah, nice and dry outside. the humidity has been down lately and it stays down today. that number will be creeping up as we head towards the weekend. look at this. beautiful sunrise from our roxboro skycam.
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working the morning newscast is i get all the skycams to watch the sunrise. a real pretty shot there from our roxboro skycam. 67 at the airport. reporting mostly cloudy skies there with winds currently calm. 64 in south hill. 64 in roxboro. 67 in raleigh. 68 in fayetteville. here at the surface is fairly low and it won't feel as humid outside today. we had a mix of sun and clouds yesterday. we'll probably just have a mix of sun and clouds today. pretty quiet weather over most of north carolina. we might see a few changes across western north carolina. we do have this big area of high pressure still over us so i think it stays dry across central north carolina and likely along the coast as well. where we have a cold front back to the north and west, that is
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and thunderstorms later on today. we had severe weather across ohio and indiana yesterday. that could happen again today. they could have more severe storms later this afternoon and this evening. we could use some rain here. our rain chances are not high at all. in june, we have more than 6 inches of rain. in july, we have more than 8 inches of rain, 3 1/2 inches abovno inch shy of normal for august. something we are watching is the tropics. we have hurricane gaston with mass mum sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. it went over to hurricane status just after midnight likely getting downgraded to tropical storms later this afternoon. it will move to the northwest and eventually the north.
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we are watching this area over the dominican republic. models indicating that this will go into the bahamas over the weekend and a lot of question marks as to where that system goes beyond the weekend. certainly something we'll have to keep a close eye on. lunchtime today, temperatures will climb into the mid-80s here. part hi cloudy skies. a pretty afternoon with the dew point down into the 60s. high temperatures in the upper 80s for our northern counties and low 90s just about everywhere els 96 on saturday. we'll take a look at the rain chances again. we do have a slim chance of a shower or storm during the an and evening on saturday. sunday, mostly sunny. monday, a big day here. back to school for the kids for the traditional calendar. it will be a quiet day. they won't need the rain gear. it will be nice and mild to start the day. 73 in the morning with
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low 90s. summer just about over. we'll send it over to brian now. so far, so good with the commute. indeed. major routes are still looking pretty good here at 7:20. we do have a couple of accidents that have just popped up. getting word of an accident just south of the i-40 bridge before you get into downtown. also a crash reported on the northwest side of raleigh on sensors are not indicating any unusual delays. we are picking up backups on 40 westbound around the clayton bypass. a 15 or 16-minute ride heading into south raleigh. still looking fine in durham this morning on the durham freeway. clear in both directions. heads up about something that
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that ramp onto gorman street will be closed. it will remain closed until monday morning. they do have a detour set up. there are not too many good options there on 40 eastbound. you can head down to lake wheeler road and then at the top of the ramp turned around and go back down 40 westbound and pick it up from there. also, keep in mind this evening, there is a concert out some work going on in the median of i-40 and they will close both directions today. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence will take a break from the campaign trail to focus on his current job as governor of indiana. he will survey tornado damage in the hoosier state. he returned home after tornadoes struck the central part of the state causing severe damage in two counties. no deaths or serious injuries have been reported but dozens
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been destroyed. we are seeing an example of that video at the moment. the tornado destroyed the starbucks. the person filming the scene couldn't believe what he was seeing as the starbucks was flattened. no one was hurt. fema has temporary housing units on the way to baton rouge for people who don't live in flood plains, the home will be set up there will indesignated trailer park. louisiana's governor says these units have been built to a higher standard than the trailers used after hurricane katrina. we are learning more about an army reservist who gunned down five police officers in dallas last month. according to new documents, micah johnson showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder when he returned from afghanistan in 2014.
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anxiety, depression and hallucinations. the obama administration is launching a new bid for russia's help in resolving the conflict in syria. secretary of state john kerry will meet his russian counterpart tomorrow to try to work out discussions leading to a political transition. the u.s. wants russia first to use its influence with the syrian president to halt attacks on moderate opposition forces to focus action aid corridors. north korea says its missile launch this week gave the country a fully equipped nuclear attack capability. the leader is hailing the launch this morning calling it, quote, the success of all successes. pyongyang released video of him celebrating as well as pictures of the ballistic missile launch from a submarine. kim says the united states mainland is now within striking distance. a family wants justice for
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>> the demands they will make today in the death of a man shot in lenoir county. >> a clayton man recalls the
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i'm lena tillett with your top stories. there is a silver alert for a missing lee county man, 81-year- old billy stan lee. he was last seep in the area of quail ridge drive wearing a white shirt, gray shorts and black shoes. a man charged with killing three children and their mother is due to appear in greenville today.
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two of the girls and they are his daughters. aimee. >> temperatures climbing back into the 90s for most of you but still quiet with just a mix of sun and clouds. take a look at the satellite and radar. not expecting any rain again today. likely just going to stay dry way few clouds around but it will be hotter. still comfortable right now. 67 in raleigh. 68 in 92 for the high today. a pair of 96s for friday and saturday with partly cloudy skies for the next couple of days. we are looking okay as you come in through garner on 40 westbound. this is the camera at jones sausage road. a little busy on the westbound side but overall about a 16 minute trip from 42 to 440. most of the delays are confined to the area around the clayton
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fayetteville road and pine winds. also on wilmington street at newbold street. and a crash reported not too far from the jones franklin road interchange. >> thank you. next on fox 50, an update in a fight to retrieve tens of thousands of dollars missin at longhorn, steak is all you need. its not all you get.
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today, community members are hold ago rally to demand that state board of elects step in to create an early voting plan in cumberland county. >> they say the county board has failed to do so. mikaya thurman joins us live outside the cumberland county board of elects where that rally will get under way tonight. >> reporter: this is the latest showdown in the early voting controversy here in north carolina county's turn. the federal ruling which struck down the north carolina voter id law also carried other provisions one of which reinstates seven days of early voting cut by the general assembly. now, with the total of 17 days of earlier one-stop voting in november, election officials are forced to make last-minute changes. 64 counties have been able to craft new plans that pass
7:31 am
agreement. democracy nc says they are denouncing the failure to come to a plan. they want the state board to act for the county board. that is what will happen if the counties can't come to an agreement. the state board has said they will sift through all of the options but haven't said when they would release the new decisions. in the meantime, democracy nc will rally this afternoon. >> mikaya thurman live in fayetteville, thank you. th week's pretrial hearing for bowe bergdahl has a big decision to make. he is considering whether to dismiss the general who made the choice to send bergdahl to trial. the defense says general robert abrams should be disqualified because of his prior involvement in the case they say he burned more than 100 letters from the public in
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relevant to bergdahl's case. the social security administration holds a dedication ceremony today for an anti-fog center. it could have been a lot worse than it was. there is a lot of house dang but this could have been a disaster.
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electrical outlet on the outside of the home. a family and friends of the man shot to death by a state trooper in lenoir county will issue a call of justice today. the shooting happened when the trooper was responded to a call at a kinston nightclub back in march. authorities say two men ran toward the trooper pointing a gun. trooper william hardison shot and killed a man. supporters of his family want the trooper prosecuted on the charge of murder and they want the sbi to release its report on the they will head to the wayne lenoir county da's office this afternoon to press their demands. today marks one week since the trooper involved shooting that killed a deaf man in charlotte. this comes as we are learning from daniel harris' brother that the 29-year-old was actually scared of police after several misunderstandings with officers. he was shot in front of his home by a trooper who tried to stop him from speeding. the trooper is now on administrative leave. several home owners
7:34 am
tens of thousands of dollars are still missing from their coffers. 25hoas filed complaints with the grner police department against cornerstone community management yesterday. -- with the garner police department against cornerstone community management yesterday. cornerstone's president is we haven't been able to reach her for comment. a raleigh family will soon have a new place to call home through the work of habitat for mew hasn't and generous volunteers. all scripps employees helped break ground and raise the walls for a new home. the family who will eventually live there was on site to help out and to celebrate. the health care company encouraged its tworkz take part
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the initiative called give back. the heat starting to climb as we head into the weekend with highs back in the mid-90s. today, we'll be in the low 90s and low end on the humidity scale. here is a live look from our rdu skycam. can you see some clouds there so that will make it feel kind of comfortable without the sun beating down out. 67 in apex reporting mostly cloudy skies there. sunny in benson where it is 61 degree 66. 64 in roxboro and 63 in wake forest. the temperatures are very comfortable this morning if you want to get any outdoor activities. it won't be bad this afternoon but it will be hotter. 70degrees by 8:00. by 6:00 tonight, 89, 90 degrees. s with we get into friday and saturday, it is like lie high temperature will be coming back
7:36 am
we'll take a look at how long the 90s stick around coming up. right now, we want to send it over to brian shrader keeping a close eye on the roads. i want to update out some live drive times on 40 westbound. getting business junior through garner. we are up to a 17 minute trip from 42 to the beltline split. also starting to get busy in the fort for a work zone from 440 to u.s. 1 especially. once you get beyond that, it is a pretty smooth ride out to wade avenue. yo minutes to macthat trip this morning and from wade avenue to 540, about six minutes. we take a look at our live commute map over in durham notch trouble to report this morning. traffic is moving along well in the durham freeway in both directions, 85 and i-40 also looking good. we have a crash between fuquay-
7:37 am
pine winds. also in south raleigh on wilmington at newbold, a mine ore -- a minor accident getting cleared up there. you will notice this red line starting to show up on u.s. 1 northbound through cary. it is getting busy from tryon road out towards i-40. that could be a trouble spot as we get closer to 8:00. also had that as avenue at triangle drive on the northwest side of raleigh. let's take to you i-40 on the south side of town. we have that ramp closure tonight from 40 eastbound onto gorman street. it will close at 6:00 this evening. it will remain closed through the weekend as they rebuild the ramp as part of the fortify project. everything will be open in time for your monday morning commute. as a detour, you can use 40 eastbound out to lake wheeler
7:38 am
you turn back onto 40 westbound, head back down to gorman street and pick it up from there. this is just for the weekend. everything will be back to normal for monday morning hopefully. the southeast side of wake county, some maintenance in the median on i-40. it will force them to close the inside lane in both directions around the wake-johnston line between 9:00 and 4:00 today. >> i got stuck? some horrible traffic from durham to raleigh thinking i wish i had brian to help me. >> don't blame me. the world's largest aircraft is going to need some major repairs. >> a slow-motion hard landing caught on camera. >> if you think starbucks is putting too much ice in your iced drink, a california judge has a message for you.
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we have breaking news. the company criticized this week for the skyrocketing price of the a solution. mylan says it will expand a savings program to cover up to $300 of out of pocket costs. million of people rely on the emergency injection used to offset a potentially deadly allergic reaction. the drug maker raised the price more than 400% over eight years to $600 and the peps must be replaced yearly. yesterday, u.s. senators called for a senate judiciary
7:42 am
trade commission investigation into possible antitrust violations. senators also asked the fda about its approval process for generic equivalents to help increase competition and lower prices. the world's largest aircraft was involve in what could be the world appear slowest crash landing. the air lander 10 was damaged as the pilot tried to land on its second ever test flight in the uk. fortunately, no one was hurt. the aircraft was u.s. military for surveillance missions. engineers say it can stay in the air for days while using less fuel than conventional aircraft and it can also carry a larger payload. the world's first self- driving taxis began picking up passengers in singapore today. select members of the public can hail a free ride. the company has six taxis that
7:43 am
mile district. there are specified pickup and drop-off points. each car has a driver up front ready to take control of car in case of trouble. there is also a researcher in the back. uber plans to offer rides in autonomous cars in pittsburgh in just a few weeks. a federal judge has iceed a lawsuit claiming that starbucks was adding too much ice to its cold beverages. alexander sued starbucks for fraud, breach of wasn'ty among other claims. the judge says customers can see the ice through the clear plastic cups. he suggested that customers should request no ice. he says he was insulted by the ruling and plans to appeal. >> i know i always ask for light ice. prince fans will soon get to tour the halls of a legend. >> when tickets will get on sale and when the doors will open at his paisley park home
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that is a nice song sia, cheap thrills. >> i think little a about -- a bit of a tease because she mentions friday night but we're in the quite there yet. >> i clean the house to that song. >> do you?
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louder. the kids get louder and louder so it is a never-ending battle. the heat will be with us over the weekend. it still feels good. 63 in louisburg. quite comfortable out there this morning. 68 in fayetteville. 66degrees in clinton. you can see a deck of clouds here and we've had a mix of sun and clouds over the last couple at times, it looks pretty cloudy. at times, the sun just comes out. they are reporting mostly cloudy skies. wind currently calm out at rdu. the humidity right now at 90%. really feeling pretty good out there. quiet weather, we have high pressure over us and that will be the rule for the next couple of days. it is a big area of high pressure that extends from the carolinas back up to the north and east. if you are under this ridge, it is likely you stay dry. we could have a couple showers
7:48 am
evening. they are on the periphery of the high pressure system. we might see a few showers and storms. if you are starting your weekend early and headed out to the west. keep a close eye on this. some showers possible. this is at noon. some spotty showers here. as we get into the afternoon and evening hours, a couple of showers and thunderstorms will be possible out to the west but again, still dry here. we could actually use some rain. our rain chances are very, very slim for the next couple days. they bump up just a little bit as we here is a look at the tropics and we are keeping an eye on hurricane gaston just for the fun of it. it will not impact land t will move to the north and eventually possibly for the north and east. not impact land. we are watching this system over the dominican republic right now. models taking it into the bahamas over the weekend. beyond that, a lot of question marks with this system.
7:49 am
bahamas late this weekend and some models curve it to the north and east. we'll be keeping an eye on this system. the national hurricane center is expecting it to become a tropical cyclone giving it a 50% chance within the next 48 hours. 92 for the high temperature today with the dew point in the 106. 96 on friday and saturday. 92 on sunday. we do have cary lazy days. it starts on continues into sunday. it will be hot. drink plenty of water. about 95 degrees as we head towards the 5:00 hour on sunday. then monday, the first day of school for most of the traditional school kids, high temperatures in the low 90s so staying like summertime over the next couple of days. 92 on tuesday. 92 on wednesday as well with the dry pattern for the next seven days or so. right now, we'll send it over to brian shrader.
7:50 am
couple of slowdowns. a pretty significant one building in cary. that is u.s. 1 at cary parkway. there is a crash on u.s. 1 northbound where it turn into his 440 eastbound. it is up around the athens drive bridge. really between jones frank lip road and western boulevard. that is backing traffic up. -- between jones franklin road. a slow crawl through cary. not really too many good you might consider taking tryon road to gorman and heading on up into west raleigh in that is your destination, up to western boulevard for instance. otherwise, you are stuck in that slow traffic coming through cary. you can see the red line beginning in apex and continuing up into west raleigh. because things are slow on u.s. 1 northbound, expect ramp
7:51 am
we are starting to see 40 westbound delays easing up. it is getting worse in the fortify work zone. it is slow from 440 out towards lake wheeler road. a crash at pine wind drive as you head into garner. also a crash out on glenwood drive at triangle drive. delays also on 440 westbound between the knightdale bypass and glenwood avenue. the home of prince will be october. the tours will include studios where prince recorded, produced and mixed some of his biggest hits. also featured will be thousands of artifacts from his personal archives. prince died from a painkiller overdose in april. those tours begin on october 6th. tick it is go on sale tomorrow. prince's sister says opening paisley park is something
7:52 am
trending. >> a lot of coaches and athletes are back from rio after a successful. for team rio, our travels were on the way home. for the british olympic team, all of their bags made it home as well. it was just a matter of finding the right red bag. you see in a show of solidarity, great britain's olympic team that you had thought -- thought it would be cool if everyone had muching red luggage. what it looked like. and some of the athletes had fun posting these picture with the capping, mine is the red one. or anyone seen my red bag? 900 red bags arriving in one day. based on some of the athlete's time lines on twitter , it took about two hours.
7:53 am
somewhere. how do you even go through that? >> i would imagine you have to have someone just calling out, looking at the luggage tags and calling out names. >> you better have a why would name tag. >> exactly or a ribbon. rio olympics are in the books. the next summer games will be in tokyo in 2020. five sports will be added. a group of librarians out of new zealand would like to see this sport added. take a look. maurice dubois ?[music] ? fur. >> shelving, effect. move over elite athletes. it is time for bookworms to shine. maybe we might see this in tokyo.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
. bill leslie here with top stories. traffic troubles in cary. here is brian shrader. >> an accident on 440 eastbound at jones that is creating big delays on u.s. 1 northbound hiding through cary. look at that camera out at the cary parkway interchange. the a slow crawl all the way through cary this morning up to a 24 high pressure minute ride from 55 out to i-40 in raleigh. let's take a closer look and maybe suggest an alternate route. not too many good options. tryon road out to gorman might be best way to get into west raleigh this morning f you are trying to head out to 40 westbound heading toward wade
7:57 am
drye on road to walnut treat from there out to carytown boulevard and pick up 40 westbound on the other side of all those delays. back to you. a judge who oversaw this week's pretrial hearing for bowe bergdahl must now decide whether to dismiss the ft. bragg general who made the choice to send bergdahl to trial. defense lawyers say general robert abrams should be disqualified because of his prior involvement in the case. today marks a key deadline for north carolina deciding to hold early voting this fall. today, a group will hold a rally outside the cumberland county board of elects office. they are denouncing the board for failing to come up with a plan. >> aimee is in for elizabeth this morning. the weather is starting to get warmer. >> heating up. we've been in the 80s in the last several days. i think today we'll climb in the low 90s. the dew points will be comfortably in the 60s. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today starting off with partly cloudy skies across most of the
7:58 am
still holing in the 60s. it is 67 in raleigh. 6 # -- 6 # in fayetteville. a north carolina college
7:59 am
live pictures just into our newsroom. right new on fox 50, breaking
8:00 am
the death toll is being revised downward following that massive earthquake. the you? information we have he learned in the frantic search for survivors. >> another court date for a man accused in the murder of a woman and three children. >> plus, say good-bye to the 80s and welcome back to the 90s. aimee will tell us when the heat an huge returns and how long it will stick around. thank you for joining us this thursday morning. i'm lena tillett. it is so nice to finally be able to work with you. t i'm excited to finally see you not have the satellite in the windows. we'll be working together on the 8:00. >> a fantastic job in rio. >> thank you. it is good to be back with you guys. new information into the newsroom within the past few minutes on the number of dead in the powerful earthquake in italy. >> italy's civil protection agency now confirms 241 people are dead. that is down from 247 after one of the hard-hit areas reriesed


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